DESY Fellowship Program for Young Scientists

DESY Fellowship Program for Young Scientists

Fellowship Program

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Young scientists can conduct research at DESY as “fellows” for two years.

DESY announces the DESY Fellowship Programme in experimental particle physics and accelerator physics. Fellows in Experimental Particle Physics are invited to participate in DESY’s physics research:

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  • experimental particle physics
  • theoretical particle physics
  • photon science
  • accelerator physics

    DESY Fellowships are awarded for a duration of two years with the possibility of a prolongation by one additional year.

    The salary for the fellowship is according to tariffs applicable for public service work.

    Handicapped persons will be given preference to other equally qualified applicants.

    DESY supports the careers of women and therefore encourages especially women to apply.

    Application Deadline: Wednesday 30th September

For more information and application, see: DESY Fellowship Program for Young Scientists Website