Developing Countries Scholarships – CUD Scholarship Program

Developing Countries Scholarships – CUD Scholarship Program

Developing Countries Scholarships – CUD Scholarship Program: Up to 150 full masters scholarships are available each year from the CUD (Commission Universitaire pour le Développement) to students coming from developing countries.

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Within the programme for international courses and training programmes, CIUF grants scholarships for participation into the courses and also for participation into the training programmes.

70 VLIR ITP (International Training Programmes) scholarships are annually awarded.

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All the scholarships usually covers expenses such as:


  • Tuition fee
  • Some living expenses
  • Return tickets
  • A few additional costs

    Applicants are considered on their merit.

    Scholarships for Developing Countries – EligibilityRequirements

  • Age-limit for participating in the program is 40 years for the courses and 45 years for trainings.
  • Eligible candidates will be those holding a graduate degree comparable to Belgian University graduate degree (“license'”).
  • After completion of the program, selected candidates should return back to their country and pursue work in the field in which they have undergone the course or training.

    Scholarships for Developing Countries – Language Requirements

    Some of these courses and trainings are in French and candidates should be familiar with the language before applying for them. Nevertheless, selected candidates also need to learn French while participating in the program.

    Scholarships for Developing Countries – Selection Criteria

    During the selection process, following criteria will be taken into account:

  • Academic curriculum
  • Benefit of previous scholarships
  • Professional experience
  • Membership of a partner institution commitment of the candidate to development activities
  • Nationality
  • Equality of sexes
  • Perspectives of future reinstatement

For more information and scholarship application, see: Developing Countries Scholarships Website