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EABL Foundation Scholarships

EABL Foundation Scholarships: This inatiative enables people and communities to fulfill their pontential and improve there life prospects.

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EABL Foundation accorded Skills for Life Scholarships unreserved attention by applying a significant investment in the university education of bright but needy students.

EABL Foundation recently invested US $ 257,500 to aid in the university education of students across East Africa.

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So far over US$ 750,000 has been spent with students benefiting from this programme that enables them to fulfill their potential and improve their life prospects.

EABL Foundation Africa Scholarships

The EABL Foundation is currently offering six, four year full scholarships at Strathmore University Kenya.

Three of the scholarships are for Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) and the other three for Bachelor of Business Information Technology (BBIT).

EABL has also announced 4 other scholarships. Two for a 5 year Bachelor of Engineering degree at any public university in Kenya, and another 2 for 4 year Bachelor of Food Science degree at any public university in Kenya.

EABL Foundation Africa Scholarships Eligibility

Selection for the EABL Scholarships will be made on the basis of outstanding academic results and financial need.

The scholarships are open to East Africa students wishing to study in Kenya.

EABL Scholarship Application

Applications are invited from those applying to Strathmore University and from those applying to public universities in Kenya.

For further details, and application materials, contact: EABL Foundation Scholarships