Easy Travel Consult

Easy Travel Consult


Be it for Studies, Tourism, Visiting, Transit, Employment or other types of Visa, Easy Travel will assist clients to adequately prepare their documents for embassy procedures. Based on the embassy’s requirements, our team of expect will properly arrange and inform clients on the right documents to be presented at the embassy.


Easy Travel Consult also extends its services to the general public on all travel issues and problems that needs to be addressed. We help the individuals to use the immigration rules and laws in a way that will benefit them.


Opp. Castle Junction Bus Stop
Accra Ghana

Postal Address

P. O. Box PMB 138 Osu-RE, Accra

Tel: +233 302772478 +233 303971849 + 233 204420153
Whatsapp +233 240763405

Facebook: easytravelconsult

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