Ecosystem Approaches to Human Health Training Award

Ecosystem Approaches to Human Health Training Award

Ecosystem Approaches to Human Health Training Award – MA PhD: main objective of the Ecohealth Program is to build the capacity of researchers so they become capable of designing and carrying out Ecohealth research that is transdisciplinary and participatory, engages multiple stakeholders and addresses gender and social equity analysis.

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Examples of activities to fulfill this objective include supporting:


  • Targeted training on transdiciplinarity (including leadership and teamwork skills), multi-stakeholder participation and gender and social equity analysis for partners, including NGOs, CBOs and local government officials. Training courses aim to maximize the use of expertise from past IDRC investments in the South on these topics.
  • Cross-project learning: the aim of these regional workshops is to connect different projects to enable research teams to share and learn from one another and benefit from a peer review process in place from the start.

    These smaller workshops will feed into a larger conference, the second Ecohealth Forum.

  • Short course-workshops conducted by Southern institutes on Ecohealth approaches: training themes and venues are reviewed with collaborating Southern institutions.
  • Targeted support to young researchers from Canada and developing countries: the funding of Ecohealth Awards continues to support thesis-related field research that includes a one-week training course.

    The course allows recipients to become acquainted with the basic principles of Ecohealth research, and advance their thesis research design accordingly.

    In addition, funding within research projects is available for the training of young researchers, allowing them to develop the specific expertise and skills needed by the projects, and to apply these skills within a transdisciplinary context.

    Follow the links below for more details and applicationcontacts.

The Ecosystem Approaches to Human Health Training Award theme changes every year.

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For more information and application: Ecosystem Approaches to Human Health Training Award