Education Scholarships for Social Workers

Education Scholarships for Social Workers

African Palliative Care Education Scholarship for Social Workers: An APCA / Global Partners in Care Partnership


The African Palliative Care Association (APCA) in partnership with Global Partners in Care provides a limited number of scholarships each year for Palliative Care Training opportunities.

Scholarships will be awarded up to a maximum of 4,000 US Dollars through a competitive application process once a year. APCA and Global Partners in Care give priority to requests of Social Workers involved in Palliative Care work.

What the Scholarship fund will Support

The Scholarship fund will support:

Palliative care education and training at recognized institutions in Africa and learning visits for Social Workers. Training programmes which the Scholarship supports include:


  • Palliative care distance learning diploma and degree courses run in Africa (up to USD $4,000)
  • Special consideration on a case by case basis may be made.Note: this list is not exhaustive and is presented as an indication of what the scholarship grant will cover. Other appropriate training opportunities within Africa for Social Workers related to palliative care will also be considered for funding.Scholarship timelines
  • Announcement of Scholarship Fund
  • Application deadline closes
  • Selection process completed: May -June
  • Candidates informed
  • Scholarships AwardedApplication CriteriaApplicants must:
  • Be social workers involved in palliative care work residing and practicing in Africa and with evidence that they will be able to continue providing palliative care after their training (please provide a supporting letter from the head of your institution confirming this).
  • Possess a Diploma or Bachelors Degree in Social Work at undergraduate level
  • Currently be involved in the provision of palliative care with a desire and commitment to enhance their skills.
  • Legibly complete the application form and attach all supporting documents requested
  • Provide two letters of recommendation.
  • Have applied for the course they intend to pursue (where they have an acceptance this should be attached to the application)Issues to note in regard to the application process
  • The offer is conditional on applicants securing admissionto the training institution. Should the applicant not secure a place, the scholarship will be re-awarded to another applicant.
  • Successful applicants should be ready to commence the training in the current year.How to apply and the application ProcessApplicants must complete the application form available online on both the APCA and Global Partners in Care websites. Applicants must complete all the sections of the form and provide the supporting documents required.

    Please note that all applications must be completed in English and should be legible and be submitted before the closing date. Any incomplete or illegible or late application will risk not being reviewed.

Applicants must complete the application form available online on both the APCA and Global Partners in Care websites at APCA or Global Partners in Care

Filled application forms and enquiries should be emailed to