Enterprise Insurance Company Microinsurance

Enterprise Insurance Company Microinsurance


The objective of this plan is to insure the obligations of the member in the unlikely event of death. Most conditions of members as well as tradition require and impose financial obligations on the member in the event of death. This includes provision of coffin, donation to the family, transport arrangement and refreshment. This obligation can be insured under the Group Funeral Plan.


The plan provides for the payment of funeral and related expenses on behalf of the member in the event of death. The benefits can be extended to cover parents, spouses and children. Benefits levels shall be objectively determined to reflect the expected financial obligations of the member.

There are two types of cover namely: the individual cover and family cover.

  •  The individual cover includes the member and a maximum of six children
  •  The family cover extends to the spouse and maximum of six children below the age of 21 years.

The minimum and maximum age of entry is 18 and 70 years respectively

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