Entry Requirement Into Ghana School Of law

Entry Requirement Into Ghana School Of law

Applicants to the Ghana School of Law must have studied and passed examinations in the subjects approved by the General Legal Council. The subjects currently approved by the council are:

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  1. Ghana Constitutional Law
  2. Ghana Legal System and Method
  3. Law of Contract
  4. Law of Torts
  5. Criminal Law
  6. Law of Equity and Succession
  7. Law of Immovable Property
  8. Company Law
  9. Commercial Law, and

Additionally, students must have sat any one of the following papers:

  1. Law of Taxation
  2. Law of Natural Resources
  3. Environmental Law
  4. Intellectual Property Law


  • The period of tuition for the LLB programme should not be less than 600 hours per academic year.
  • The applicant must have passed a competitive written examination conducted by the General Legal Council or its authorized body or representative for entry into the Ghana School of Law.
  • All successful candidates at the competitive entrance examinations shall attend interviews conducted by the General Legal Council for admission into the G.S.L.
  • The applicant must comply with the provisions of the National Service Act. For the avoidance of doubt, an applicant should have completed his/her National Service and has been issued with a National Service Certificate as evidence of performance/compliance.
  • Please take notice that studying for the LLB degree or possession of same does not automatically make an applicant or the LLB holder eligible for entry into the G.S.L. the school has its own challenges and constraints and it is not in a position to offer admission to all LLB degree holders to train as lawyers.


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  • For an applicant to qualify for admission to the Post-Call Law Course, such applicant must have been enrolled and called to the Bar as a licensed Solicitor or Barrister in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America or any common law jurisdiction.