EPSRC PhD Studentship

EPSRC PhD Studentship

Sustainability is a key challenge for modern social systems.

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Emerging Sustainability is an EPSRC funded collaborative project, which will commence in September, involving co-investigators from seven different UK universities.

The project will explore sustainability as an emergent property of the interactions between and among people, societies, technologies and the built and natural environments.

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The conditions and factors which allow or hinder the emergence of sustainability in domains including health, organic agriculture and urban water systems will be investigated.

The project will also consider cross cutting issues such as education and design as they relate to the emergence of sustainability.

More significantly, the project will experiment with opensource knowledge space as a method of facilitating the emergence of new knowledge about complex systems.

Applications are invited from exceptional individuals to undertake a PhD in the topic of sustainability and emergence.

Applicants must have at least an upper second class honours degree in an appropriate subject area.

The award will include EU/UK fees and standard EPSRC stipend for a three year full-time PhD.

Students from outside the EU are eligible to apply but must be able to fund the additional cost of international fees.

The PhD student will be located at the same institution as their primary supervisor, who will be one of the co-investigators on the project.

The supervision team will most likely include at least one additional supervisor from amongst the co-investigators.

The detailed topic of the PhD will be negotiated with the supervisors of the project and will involve working in with the open source methodology in:


  • the general field of emergence and sustainability;
  • one of the knowledge clusters relating to health, organic agriculture or urban water systems; or
  • cross cutting themes such as education or design.

For further information on the project and how to apply for the studentship please contact Dr Sarah Bell (ph 020 76797874, s.bell@ucl.ac.uk).

For additional information on the project and how to apply please contact Dr Sarah Bell (ph 020 76797874, s.bell@ucl.ac.uk). The closing date for application is 25th May.

For details about potential research topics and supervision please contact any of the co-investigators:

Sarah Bell
Civil & Environmental Engineering, UCL