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Eric Bleumink Fund Scholarship

Eric Bleumink Fund Scholarship: The Eric Bleumink Fund awards scholarships to talented students and young researchers from developing countries.

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The scholarships enable the students to further develop as individuals and to make important contributions to the development of their own countries.

The Eric Bleumink Fund Scholarship is for Master and PhDstudies at the University of Groningen – Netherlands or a university in the developing country or one of its neighbouring countries

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Part of the study programme has to take place at the University of Groningen.

Level of Study: Masters or PhD in any subject

Grant award period

The grant is usually awarded for a maximum of 2 years for a Master’s degree programme, and a maximum of 4 years for a PhD. For PhD, part of the research should be conducted in the home country and part in Groningen.

Value and purpose of grant

The grant covers the tuition fees plus the costs of international travel, subsistence, books, and health insurance.

It also covers expenses incurred in travelling to and from the Netherlands for PhD candidates for a maximum of 4 times.

The journeys to the Netherlands and back home are included in the scholarship grant.

Holders are entitled to a living allowance of Euro 735 per month for food and accommodation.

In the case of a short stay in the Netherlands, the University of Groningen will make lodging arrangements for this period.

Allowances are paid in a monthly advance at the beginning of the month.

Deadline for submission February 1

For more information see: Groningen Eric Bleumink Fund Scholarship – Scholarships for Developing Countries