European Masters in Clinical Linguistics Scholarships

European Masters in Clinical Linguistics Scholarships

European Masters in Clinical Linguistics Scholarships: The Erasmus Mundus European Masters in Clinical Linguistics Scholarships for non-European students amounts to 20.800 EUR plus a fixed amount of 5.000 EUR.

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Visiting scholars receive 12.000 EUR (i.e. 4.000 EUR per month) plus a fixed amount of 1.000 EUR.

It is a 15 months full-time interdisciplinary and transnational university programme at Masters level providing integrated training in theoretical and experimental neurosciences and psycholinguistics with clinical issues.

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The aim of the Masters Course is to train highly qualified advanced students who are excellently prepared for research work and Ph.D. programmes in the above fields.

The transnational consortium comprises four universities:

1. Groningen (NL),

2. Joensuu (FI),

3. Milano-Bicocca (IT) and

4. Potsdam (DE).

The programme consists of three teaching terms.

The core courses offered in the first term are more or less the same at the participating universities.

During the second and third term, the students attend specialized courses.

The courses in the second or third term are undertaken at a second university.

To finish the programme, the student writes a Masters thesis in the fourth term and attends a summer school or conference organized for the consortium students.

The total number of credits required for completing the programme is 90 ECTS. All courses are taught in English.

Students obtain a double degree until a joint consortium degree is recognized in all countries of the consortium partners.

The programme recruits students worldwide.

The requirement for admission is at least three years of higher education (Ba, BSc or equivalent) with an emphasis on speech and language pathology, linguistics, biomedical sciences, psychology or special education.

Applications must include a CV and for the satisfaction of the admission criteria the attestation of an excellent record of study, two extremely supportive reference letters, a well-founded letter of motivation to study the programme and a TOEFL-record of 600.

Admission and mobility plan for each student is decided at the annual meeting of the Board of Studies consisting of representatives from the University of Groningen (NL), Joensuu (FI), Milan-Bicocca (IT), Newcastle (GB), Oslo (NO), Potsdam (DE) and Reading (UK).

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