FAQs About National Identification Card Distribution and Requirements

1. What is the National Identification System (NIS)?

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The NIS is a multi-purpose national database or national register set up to collect, process and store accurate and comprehensive personal data on all Ghanaian citizens living in the country and abroad and all permanently resident non-Ghanaians in the country.
The NIS will be the reference point for reliable and secure identity management in Ghana. It will provide a client-based identification services for socio-economic development, good governance and security for all citizens and legal residents.

2. What is NIS Database?

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The NIS Database refers to the national register where all personal data collected by the NIA and classified into various forms will be stored for processing and dissemination.

3. Who is eligible to receive his / her Ghana Card during the distribution exercise?

Any individual 15 years and above who registered during the mass registration exercise and those who turned 15 years.

4. How will I know Ghana Card distribution exercise is to be conducted in my area?

Information on the Card Distribution Exercise detailing the procedure and requirements will be communicated to the public through radio announcements, information vans and letters to identifiable organizations like churches and mosques.

5. How many times can I register for my Ghanacard?

You only register once; double registration is an offense under section 40 of the National Identity Register Act, 2008.

6. What do I need to show / present at the distribution center for my Ghanacard?

The registration receipt you were given after registering during the mass registration exercise. However, those who have lost their registration slips will be able to receive their Ghanacards.

7. What should I do if I have misplaced the registration slip issued during the mass registration? 

You will be required to present at least one of the verification documents with which you registered, for instance Voters ID card or Drivers License.

8. Can I receive my relative’s Ghanacard whilst he / she goes to the farm, etc?

No, you cannot receive other persons Ghanacard on their behalf. Each person who registered will have to be there in person to donate their fingerprint for authentication before the Ghanacard is issued.

9. When will I receive my Ghanacard?

Information on the Card Distribution Exercise detailing the procedure and requirements will be communicated to the public through radio announcements, information vans and letters to identifiable organizations like churches and mosques.

10. Where will I receive my Ghana Card?

Location for the Card Distribution Exercise will be made known to the public through public announcements but may correspond to the place or near the place where you registered for the Ghanacard.

11. How will I receive my Ghana Card?

You must report to the Card Distribution Center with your registration slip or verification document when the distribution exercise gets to area or you may have to come to NIA office after the mass distribution exercise.

12. What will be the steps to follow before I receive my Ghana Card at the distribution centre?

Step 1: when you arrive at the Card Distribution Center, you join a queue and report to the Distribution Officer.
Step 2: present your registration slip or verification document to the Verification Officer.
Step 3: the Verification Officer will check through the center list to know if your Ghana Card is ready or not.
Step 4: if your Ghana Card is ready, the Verification Officer will pick your card put it in the “pick out” box and your registration slip will be stamped as processed.
Step 5: you will join the second queue to the Authentication Officer.
Step 6: the Authentication Officer will mention your name and you move to his/her table for verification.
Step 7: the Authentication Officer will take your fingerprint for authentication.
Step 8: the registration slip will be stamped ‘delivered’ and you will receive your Ghana Card.
Step 9: you leave the centre after that.

13. What information or personal data will be on my Ghana Card?

Personal information on the Ghana Card includes the following;
i. Name;
ii. Sex;
iii. Date of Birth
iv. Height;
v. Personal ID Number;
vi. Expiry Date;
vii. The back of the card will contain additional information stored in a 2D-barcode and your signature.


14. How do I correct an error in my personal data on my Ghana Card?

Any one who detects an error in his or her personal data should report to Authentication Officer immediately at the center for advice or report in person at the NIA Head Office or Regional Office with the following:
a) letter requesting correction of error;
b) valid photo ID preferably those used during registration .
You will be taken through a procedure to correct the error which includes donating your fingerprint again.

15. What should I do if my Ghana Card is not ready at the registration centre where I registered earlier?

The officer at the Distribution center will explain to you why your card is not ready. You will be given the opportunity to register at a date to be announced later.

16. What happens if I am unable to collect my Ghanacard during the distribution exercise in my area?

Those who are unable to receive their Ghanacards during the Card Distribution Exercise will have to report to the NIA regional office for their cards.

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