Final Grade Point Average FGPA Calculator

Final Grade Point Average FGPA Calculator

Final Grade Point Average FGPA Calculator – Final Grade Point Average Calculator… FGPA Calculator, See Details of FGPA Calculator


All end-of-semester examination results from Level 100, including University and School required courses, shall be taken into account in the computation of the Final Grade Point Averages (FGPA) for the classification of the Bachelor’s degree.
The GPAs from Levels 100 to 400 shall be weighted as follows: 1:1:2:2
In the determination of the FGPA, a weighted average of all repeat courses shall be used.
The full scheme of classification shall read as follows:
Class of Degree

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Range of Final Grade Point Average (FGPA)

First Class                                               3.60-4.00
Second Class (Upper Division)             3.00-3.59
Second Class (Lower Division)             2.00-2.99
Third Class                                              1.50-1.99
Pass                                                          1.00-1.49
Fail                                                            0.00-0.99


A list of candidates who are deemed eligible as in Sections 30, 31 and 32 shall be laid before the Academic Board for approval. No award shall be confirmed unless the Academic Board is satisfied that the candidate has met all the conditions for the award of a degree.

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Following confirmation of an award of a degree as in Section 32, the candidate shall be entitled to be awarded the appropriate Bachelor’s degree under the seal of the University at a Congregation of the University assembled for that purpose. The degree shall indicate the principal subject or subjects offered and the class awarded.

How to Calculate Final Grade Point Average FGPA


Terminologies in the Official Transcript from UG

  1. CCT- Cumulative Credits Taken
  2. CCP- Cumulative Credits Passed
  3. GPA- Grade Point Average
  4. FGPA- Final Grade Point Average
  5. GPT- Grade Point


  • This is the sum of all credit hours in courses taken.
  • It is usually based on course codes and not course titles
  • It is calculated once.


  • This is the sum of all credit hours of passed courses
  • Passed grades do not include grades E and F
  • Grades A to D are calculated here

Final Grade Point Average FGPA Calculator – Final Grade Point Average Calculator… FGPA Calculator, See Details of FGPA Calculator

  • Total GPT=49.5
  • Total Credits= 15
  • GPA= 49.5/15 GPA= 3.3


  • This is for the total semesters a student has taken examinations in the university
  • All levels carry equal weight
  • CGPA= Total GPTs of all courses taken/ Total Number of Credits of all courses taken
  • Assuming you’ve taken examination in Level 400 second semester, the GPTs and Credits will be calculated from L100 first and second semesters, L200 first and second semesters, L300 first and second semesters and L400 first and second semesters.


  • GPAs for the various levels are recalculated
  • All courses are calculated under their correct levels
  • Every re-sit course is calculated the number of times it is taken. Assuming a student wrote UGRC120 in Level 100 and got a grade F, wrote again in level 200 and got an E and wrote finally in Level 300 and got an A the course will appear three times with its respective credits and GPTs.
  • A weighting of 1:1:2:2 is then assigned to all the levels. This means that L100 is 1, L200 is 1, L300 is 2 and L400 is 2
  • Assuming after the recalculation we get GPAs for the various levels as follows:
    L100- 3.20
    L200- 3.60
    L300- 2.90
    L400- 3.00

Our FGPA will be calculated as below: L100

3.20× 1/6= 0.53 L200

3.60× 1/6= 0.60


2.90× 2/6= 0.96


3.00× 2/6= 1.00

FGPA= 0.53 + 0.60 + 0.96 + 1.00 = 3.09

Class: Second Class (Honours) Upper Division

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