Fidelity Bank Ltd. – Mortgage Services

Fidelity Bank Ltd. – Mortgage Services



Are you a salaried employee? Do you require a flexible loan to purchase personal assets or to meet urgent financial commitments? Fidelity Bank can offer you an employee salary-backed personal loan to be repaid up to 48 months at a competitive interest rate. Our loan products include:

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Employee Scheme Loans
Employee Salary Backed Loans


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Do you desire to purchase a house? Do you want to release equity in your house? Or do you perhaps need funding to complete or improve your house? Fidelity Bank offers you a range of mortgage financing options to make your wish come true. Our competitively priced mortgages can be repaid over a period of 20 years and can be denominated in either Cedis or US Dollars.

Home Purchase Mortgage
Home Improvement Mortgage
Home Equity Mortgage
Home Completion Mortgage

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