First Allied Savings and Loans Ghana Fixed Deposit

First Allied Savings and Loans Ghana Fixed Deposit

Allied Supersave Account
Our Allied Supersave Account is an exciting savings product which offers client convenience and great opportunity to secure their future. This new product also offers flexibility, great reward, transparency and above all an expectation of good returns on savings.

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► Convenience: Cash collection can be done at customers� doorsteps.
► Opportunity: Allied Supersave account offers you a great opportunity to accumulate funds effortlessly for your business expansion.
► Flexibility: There are absolutely no restrictions on daily contribution, minimum balance and withdrawals.
► Greater Heights: Can be used as collateral security for loans.
► Transparency: Client�s contributions are recorded in a passbook and this enables customer to watch their wealth grow.
► Rewarding: Allied Supersave account offers you a high interest rate. (1% above normal savings account)

Current Account
This is specially designed for customers who require unlimited access to their money. It is operated with personalized cheque books which is available to all customers.

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► Allied Current Account does not attract any Commission on Turnover (COT) � no service charge, no maintenance charge, and no ledger fees.
► Very low initial minimum deposit requirement of GH�10.
► Instant access to your money.
► Outreach /Mobile banking service undertaken by well trained officers.
► Withdrawal of money from your account at any of our networked branches.
► Provision of regular statement of transactions on your account.
► Easy access to Commercial loan, Salary loan, Consumer credit and Travel credit, SMS/ Mobile banking facilities.

Savings Account
Our Savings Account is available to customers who desire to make regular deposits and build on them to meet their future needs, to do so profitably. Very low initial deposit of GH�5 is required.

► Unlimited number of Cash withdrawals.
► Quarterly payment of high interest on savings account.
► Easy access to loans
► Statement of Account upon request.

Fixed Deposit
Fixed Deposit is an investment account that is offered for a fixed term or on rollover basis. The very high interest rates associated with this product may be negotiated or fixed at the time of investment. Fixed deposits may be placed for terms of one month, three months, six months or one year.

► High and competitive interest rates are offered on maturity.
► Instant access to your money.
► Fixed Deposits can be used as collateral for a loan.

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