First Allied Savings and Loans (SUSU)

First Allied Savings and Loans (SUSU)

Golden Susu
� This is passbook daily saving programme designed to assist micro/small-scale entrepreneurs to expand their businesses.
� Contributors may, after two months savings, be eligible for loans.
� Repayment of the loan is made through a flexible repayment package covering a period of between six and twelve months.

Super Golden Susu
� This is a specially designed savings and loans product for customer who go through two loan cycles of the Golden Susu programme and can contribute a daily minimum saving of one hundred Ghana cedis.
� Customers can access loans ranging between ten thousand Ghana cedis and forty thousand Ghana cedis with flexible repayment terms.

Allied Mpuntu Scheme / Micro Finance (Group Loan Scheme)
� This is a band group saving and Loans programme designed to the meet the banking needs of customers.
� Individual members of the group are required to make a minimum daily savings for eight weeks.
� Customers are granted flexible terms to pay off loans granted under this scheme.

Premium Golden Susu
� This is an individual loans programme designed for Allied Mputu group members who require large amounts of money to expand their businesses.
� The loan amounts for the programme are very attractive.
� Customers are granted flexible repayment terms to pay off their loans.

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