First Allied Savings and Loans

First Allied Savings and Loans

We offer carefully designed loan products to meet specific needs of our customers. These include:

Travel Credit
►   This facility allows customers and non customers alike to buy air-tickets on credit from our selected travel agents.
►   It is granted for short term at a competitive interest rate.

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Clearance Loan
►   This is a short term facility, specially designed to enable importers to clear their goods with ease. The facility is available to both customers and non-customers at a very competitive rate.
►   It can be granted within 24hours.

Commercial Loan
►   The facility is targeted at individual and business who wish to expand their businesses and may be utilized to meet cash flow needs.
►   It is available to anybody with existing account relationship with First Allied.
►   It offers substantial loan sizes at a very competitive interest rate.

Salary Credit
►   The facility exists for employees who receive their salaries through First Allied.
►   This facility also enables beneficiaries to access substantial loan amounts with monthly repayments, done through deductions from their salaries.
►   Request from salary earners who are not customers of First Allied may be considered for this facility.

Gospel Loan
►   Gospel loan is meant to aid churches in their development projects. This facility may be accessed by church for the purpose of building churches, procuring equipment, furnishing, etc.
►  The facility also carries a very attractive and flexible repayment terms.

Consumer Credit
►  This is a hire purchase scheme run with selected shops.
►  The facility is available to both customer and non- customers who desire to buy consumer durables form any of these shops.
►  Beneficiaries of this facility are only required to make minimum deposit, with balance of the cost paid through flexible monthly installment arrangements.

Community Lending
►  Community lending programme is an outreach programme intended to reach out to prospective customers outside the metropolis.

Equipment Lending
►  The facility exists to meet medium range equipment needs of joineries, machinist, etc.
►  Under this scheme customers are encourage to save up to an agreed minimum while FASL finances the cost of the equipment in question.
►  Customers are then given flexible terms of repayment.
►  Under this scheme loans are given out at a very competitive rate.

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