GCB Bank Money Transfer

GCB Bank Money Transfer

Sending a transfer

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Visit any GCB branch with a valid identity card (passport /driver’s license / voter ID). Fill out an Xpress transfer form and hand it to the customer service representative. You will be provided with a receipt and secure code as proof of transfer.

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Receiving a transfer

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Visit the specified GCB Branch with your valid identity card (Passport /Driver’s License / Voter ID) and the secure code received from the sender. Fill out the Xpress receiver form and hand it to the customer service representative to receive the funds.

International Money Transfer

GCB partners with several of the world’s most popular money transfer services.

Inward Transfers

No matter where you need to send or receive cash in the world, GCB has a solution for you. We partner with a wide range of money transfer organisations and correspondent banks outside Ghana, to give you the convenience of international transfers.

Outbound Transfers

Transfer of funds for Personal or Business purposes via SWIFT same day.

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