German Embassy Ghana Visa Requirements

  1. National passport, valid until at least three months after completion of the intended visit, together with a clear photocopy of the holder page.
  2. Two recent, passport-size photographs.
  3. Printout of the booked flight details issued and stamped by the airline. In first instance NO TICKET. After a positive decison has beeen taken, a confirmed return or onward ticket (airline stamped: “non transferable, non-endorsable and non-retoutable”) may be requested before the visa can be issued.
  4. In case another country for which a visa is required will be visited after the intended stay in The Netherlands, a visa for that country should be endorsed in the passport before the application can be processed.
  5. Original invitation letter and/or official letter of guarantee of the reference(s) in The Netherlands, in the Dutch language (NO PHOTOCOPY OR FAX; invitation letters are subject to verification).
  6. Proof of sufficient financial means to cover all expenses during your stay in The Netherlands. NO CASH.
  7. Original, up-to-date bank statements of the past six months, including the address and telephone number of the bank (statements are subject to verification).
  8. Previous passports, if applicable.
  9. Please note that for minors written parental consent of both parents is required together with original passports + photocopy of the holder pages.

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