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Ghana Armed Forces GAF Recruitment Screening Process

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Ghana Armed Forces GAF Recruitment Screening Process 2022

After the initial application online, qualified candidate’s receive a text message indicating viability to continue with the rest of the process, the following stages follow:
1.     Documentation
Successful applicants are invited to a central point on a particular day by a mass text message to present all relevant personal and academic certificates. These are subjected to physical inspection to verify authenticity and correlation to initial data entered while applying.  Applicants should note that; any form of falsehood detected in credentials presented, shall be treated with all manner of punitive measures.
2.      Body Selection
Candidates who make it through documentation are further invited for a full body inspection on a communicated date to ascertain the desired figure and physique per the Ghana Armed Forces standards. Key inspections are made to ensure absence of tattoos and flat foot, excessive body building, double ear pierces for females and exposed varicose veins, amongst others.
3.       Aptitude Test
Candidates at this level, are tested on very basic but tactful sets of questions in an exam environment. This is to test the   mental prowess and logical reasoning of the candidate and how to deal with basic everyday problems within a given time.
4.       Outdoor Leaderless Test (OLT)
Successful candidates who make it to this stage are grouped into syndicates of 10, with the aim of testing their convincing levels to appeal for support as a team player, conceiving valid thoughts to solve a team problem with agility and speed. Syndicates are scored on how well they perform the given task as a team. OLT involves some amount of physical work and candidates must train on their own to attain an appreciable level of fitness.
5.        Medical Examination 
Candidates at this stage go through an intense medical screening at the 37 Military Hospital at a fee. Every part of the body of the candidate is examined for total fitness per Ghana Armed Forces standard. Results of the medical examination determines whether a candidates makes it to the final stage or not.
6.         Interview
This is the final stage of the Screening process and here candidates meet a panel of Senior Military Officers who probe the candidate with questions in an effort to identify whether the candidate is satisfactory and well prepared for the Ghana Military Academy. The Potential Cadet is quizzed on economic, social, political and ethical areas related to the selected Arm of service. The candidate must exhibit maximum confidence at this stage and be very meticulous in his/her vocal submission’s to the panel.
Candidates (Potential Cadets) who go through all these stages successfully will be informed after the final selection has been made and will receive the Joining Instructions as well as the reporting date to the Ghana Military Academy.
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