Ghana Education Service Ranks

Ghana Education Service Ranks

The education sector in Ghana is controlled by the Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Education. The ranks in Ghana Education Service stipulate that for any basic mode of promotion in the service, it will depend on further education and the teacher’s years of service. If you ever wondered how your teacher ranks in the hierarchy of the Ghana education service, you are in for a treat.

The promotion of teachers in the ranks in the Ghana education service has been a contentious issue with many teachers arguing for a better mechanism, that can automatically promote a teacher once they achieve a higher qualification. Ghana Education Service promotion interviews is a new method by the ministry to offer promotion to teachers pushing them to a higher rank. The ability and prowess of the teacher is tested before landing the promotion.

Ranks of teachers in Ghana Education Service

We have compiled a list of ranks in Ghana Education Service, in a descending order of supremacy from the most powerful to the least. It is important to note the Government of Ghana and the Ministry of Education are the highest authority in the ranks in the Ghana education service. They also team up with the parliament as the law-making bodies on matters affecting the education sector in the country. So, here are the various ranks in the Ghana Education Service in a descending order:

  • Director General
  • Deputy Director
  • Assistant Director I
  • Assistant Director II
  • Principal Superintendent
  • Senior Superintendent I
  • Senior Superintendent II
  • Superintendent II
  • Superintendent I
  • Teacher

Director General of Ghana Education Service

Going by the scheme of service for Ghana Education service, it is the most senior rank in Ghana education service. They are appointed upon the recommendation of the GES council to serve for a term of four years by the President of Ghana. After the term is over, they can renew for the last additional term. They have special responsibilities to ensure that the policies of the education sector in the country are implemented.

They are also involved directly in the appointment of new teachers to the service. They are also at the forefront in fighting for the rights of teachers in the country. For example, they are responsible for negotiations between the Government concerning the Ghana education service pay structure in terms of increase of salaries and allowances.

They play an important role in planning and managing education policies that have been implemented by the Ministry of Education. They also ensure that new laws and policies subscribed by the Government are implemented. They are in charge of all educational programs in Ghana. They provide advisory and managerial support to ensure the mandate of the GES is achieved.

Deputy Director General ranked second in GES

It ranks second in the ranks in Ghana Education Service. They are in charge of providing technical and administrative support to ensure that the objectives of the Ghana Education Service are achieved. The office was officially recognized as an independent body under the Director General according to the Ghana Education Service new ranking.

They co-ordinate all the activities of the division while overseeing the functions of the Ghana Education Service directors. They assume office when the Director General is absent or unable to perform their duties and responsibilities. They also assist in delegating the functions of the Director General.

To be a Deputy Director General,you should have at least 12 years’ experience in a relevant institution with a five years’ experience in a senior management role in a reputable institution. A teaching experience is an advantage to all qualifiers. The applicant must also have a 3 years experience as a Director II Position. Applicants must also pass a highly competitive selection interview delegated by the Public Service Commission in consultation with the Ghana Education Service governing council.

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