Ghana Fire Service Salary

Ghana Fire Service Salary

The Ghana fire service salary was revised because of their diligence in serving the public exceptionally.

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Responsibilities of the Ghana Fire Service

With every job comes responsibility and this also applies to the individuals working in the recognized fire department of Ghana. The workers who are always on standby to respond to fire emergencies perform the following functions:

  • Train and organize voluntary fire squads at community levels
  • Inspect and provide technical advice on fire extinguishers
  • Provide evacuation and rescue services to those trapped by fire or any other arising emergency.
  • Advice and coordinate the whole training on firefighting process
  • Create and provide awareness of the hazardous effects of fire
  • They offer technical approaches used in building structures used to facilitate escape from arising fires.
  • Heighten the role of a person in fire preventions
  • Organize public fire education programs

The Ghana Fire Service salary structure keeps on changing and it depends with the rank of an officer. They also get some allowances that they take home each month, but this has not been disclosed to the public. We can only assume that if you compare their salary with that of the police service, it is almost similar. The technicians indulge in various duties when serving the people, and they include:

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  • Advise the Chief Fire Officer on simulation exercises.
  • Ensure effective and safe evacuation services.

As much as Ghana national fire service salary is a debate in the whole country, Ghanaian citizens are still applying to join the service. People ready to work in the vast organization that operates in the whole of Ghana need to undergo some training to serve the public better. The support staff consists of accountants, lawyers, engineers, mechanics, and many others who ensure the service delivery process is seamless. Previously, there have been cases of the fire-fighters not getting their full salary, but the Ministry of Finance in Ghana keeps on updating their portal and ensuring they do not work under strenuous conditions.

In previous years, the Government took it upon themselves to clear their rent arrears and monies that had not been paid in full. With their type of service delivery, the fire service salary in Ghana is likely to be revised.