Ghana Fire Service Uniform


                             OUR CORPORATE VALUES

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The core values of Ghana National Fire Service are explicitly reflected in the Eight (8) cardinal points represented by the eight-sided insignia of the service.

GALLANTRY                                            Bravery and courageous

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OBSERVATION                                       Quick at noticing things

LOYALTY                                                  Truth and faithfulness

DEXTERITY                                              Skills in handling things

SYMPATHY                                                Sharing the feeling of others

TACT                                                          Ability to handle situations without causing offence

EXPLICITNESS                                        Ability to express clearly & precisely

PERSEVERANCE                                    Constant effort to achieve a goal


                            OUR INSIGNIA/CROWN

HELMET                                                               Protection against falling debris

TWO (2) AXES                                                     Break-in tools

BLACK STAR                                                       Stands for the Black Continent of Africa

RING                                                         Stands for “An Unbroken Service”, once a Fireman, always a Fireman