Ghana Health Service Conditions of Service PDF

Ghana Health Service Conditions of Service PDF

Code of Ethics of The Ghana Health Service

Preamble: The Code of Ethics for the Ghana Health Service (GHS) defines the genera; moral principles and rules of behavior for all service personnel in the Ghana Health Service

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The Service shall be manned by persons of integrity, trained to a high standard to deliver a comprehensive equitable service for the benefit of patients/clients and society as a whole.

  1. All Service personnel shall be competent, dedicated, honest, client-focused and operate within the law of the land
  2. All Health Professionals shall be registered and remain registered with their Professional Regulatory Bodies
  3. All Service personnel shall respect the Rights of patients/clients, colleagues and other persons and shall safeguard patients’/client’ confidence.
  4. All Service personnel shall work together as a team to best serve patients’/clients’ interest, recognizing and respecting the contributions of others within the team.
  5. All Service personnel shall co-operate with the patients/clients and their families at all times.
  6. No service personnel shall discriminate against patients/clients on the grounds of the nature of illness, political affiliation, occupation, disability, culture, ethnicity, language, race, age, gender religion, etc. in the course of performing their duties.
  7. All Service personnel shall respect confidential information obtained in the course of their duties. They shall not disclose such information without the consent of the patient/client, or person(s) entitled to act on their behalf except where the disclosure of information is required by law or is necessary in the public interest.
  8. All Service personnel shall treat official discussions, correspondence or reports obtained during official duties as confidential except where disclosure is required by law.
  9. All information obtained from patients/clients shall only be used for the prome purpose of their management. Any other use of such information shall only be done with the prior consent of the patient or person(s)
    entitled to act on his/her behalf.
  10. All Service personnel shall provide information regarding patient’s condition and management to patients or their accredited representatives humanely and in the manner they can understand.
  11. All Service personnel shall protect the properties of the Service including properties entrusted in their care.
  12. All Service personnel shall respect the rights and abilities of disabled persons and the aged and work together to serve or safeguard their interest
  13. All Service personnel shall keep their professional knowledge and skills up to date.
  14. No Service personnel shall demand unauthorized fees from patients/clients
  15. No Service personnel shall accept any gift, favour or hospitality from the patient/public which might be interpreted as seeking to exert undue influence to obtain preferential consideration in the course of their duty
  16. All Service personnel shall refrain from all acts of indiscipline including drunkenness, smoking, immorality, abuse of drugs and pilfering in the course of performing their duties.
  17. All Service personnel shall avoid the use of their professional qualifications in the promotion of commercial products.
  18. All Service personnel shall act in collusion with any other person for financial gain.
  19. Service facilities and resources shall not be used for unauthorized private practice.

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