Ghana Health Service Forms

Ghana Health Service Forms

Ghana Health Service Application Forms

Objectives of the Human Resources Division

  • To develop HR strategies for the Ghana Health Service and to facilitate effective recruitment, training and manpower development to ensure the optimum availability and utilization of personnel within the service;
  • Ensure the continuous professional development of the staff of the Ghana Health Services in order to improve quality and efficiency in health service delivery;
  • Develop and maintain an appropriate scheme and conditions of service consistent with contemporary or current industry standards;
  • Administrate salaries and personnel management issues

Functional Responsibilities and Authority

  The Director   The Divisional Director is responsible for the core functions of the Division and exercise of authority by the Director is derived from and consistent with his responsibilities as well as authority delegated by the immediate superior. In effect, the superior authority of the DG/DDG guides the exercise of authority but the coordination and development of strategies for the execution of the core functions is the responsibility of the Director and his deputies. The Director coordinates and mediates departmental and interdepartmental issues.    Core Functions

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  • Establishes and maintains systems and procedures for planning, training and manpower development for the Service;
  • Institutes measures for the periodic review of the organization structure, including job classifications, descriptions, schemes of service and job descriptions;
  • Provides guidance in determining training needs of all categories of workers in the service and ensures that appropriate training programmes are developed and implemented;
  • Establishes and maintains systems and procedures for the promotion, retirement, co-operation and advancement in all personnel affairs to ensure fairness and consistency in the treatment of staff of the Service;
  • Oversees the recruitment, selection and placement of new staff and monitors the progress of newly-engaged staff – local and expatriate – to ensure that they become efficient and committed to their work within the Service;
  • Establishes and maintains an efficient personnel records-keeping system to promote easy accessibility to and retrieval of files;
  • Serves as the liaison Division for industrial relations
  • Determines appropriate manpower levels consistent with organizational requirements and pursues the development and implementation of adequate proficiency programmes to improve the competence of staff in the Service;
  • Co-ordinates and collates training and manpower development budget and when approved, institutes measures to back up its implementation;
  • Keeps and updates records on the training history of all staff;


  • HR Planning and Monitoring Department
  • HR Management Department
  • Training and Capacity Development Department

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