Ghana Health Service Website

Ghana Health Service Website

Background of Ghana Health Service

The Ghana Health Service (GHS) is a Public Service body established under Act 525 of 1996 as required by the 1992 constitution. It is an autonomous Executive Agency responsible for implementation of national policies under the control of the Minister for Health through its governing Council – the Ghana Health Service Council. The GHS continue to receive public funds and thus remain within the public sector.  However, its employees will no longer be part of the civil service, and GHS managers will no longer be required to follow all civil service rules and procedures.  The independence of the GHS is designed primarily to ensure that staffs have a greater degree of managerial flexibility to carry out their responsibilities, than would be possible if they remained wholly within the civil service. Ghana Health Service does not include Teaching Hospitals, Private and Mission Hospitals


The establishment of the Ghana Health Service is an essential part of the key strategies identified in the Health Sector Reform process, as outlined in the Medium Term Health Strategy (MTHS), which are necessary steps in establishing a more equitable, efficient, accessible and responsive health care system.

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