Land Purchase

Facts you should know.

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Friendly loan terms
You have up to 5 years
For sole or joint ventures
You can apply whether you’re buying as an individual or jointly. We assess each of you separately.
GHS10, 000.00 or more at your disposal
We have the financial strength to meet every need.
Includes the Self-employed
Being an entrepreneur is no barrier to buying your own property. You only need to meet our lending criteria.
Great customer service
We treat you right.
Even if You live Abroad
You do not need to live in Ghana to apply for a mortgage. We will assess your ability to service your loan.
Low interest rates
You get interest rates that are highly competitive in the Ghanaian mortgage market.
Quick Decisions
You get prompt feedback.

What you need

  1. Land should be for residential purposes.
  2. Land should be serviced (mapped road network, water, electricity).
  3. You must not be over 60 years at the time of application.
  4. Land must have a registered indenture or land title certificate.

How to apply – 8 easy steps

  1. Submit a completed application form with the required supporting documents.
  2. We will issue you with a Letter Of Intent (LOI) within 48 hours (Self-employed applicants only).
  3. Accept and return the LOI.
  4. We issue an Approval in Principle once we have reviewed your financials.
  5. We process your application and if approved issue a Facility Letter.
  6. Accept the terms and conditions and return the Facility letter to us.
  7. Fulfil all necessary conditions including insurance policies.
  8. Then we close the process and disburse your loan.

What we need

Only provide the following:Other requirements if you are self-employed.
2 forms of identity (passport, license, etc.)Certificate of incorporation and certificate to commence business
3 months’ most recent pay slips/other sources of income.3 years’ audited financial statements
3 months’ recent bank statementsLimited liability companies – Forms 3 & 4
Proof of addressSole proprietors – Form A
Credit report (non-resident applicants)3 years’ company bank statement & 1 year’s personal bank statements (if applicable)
Offer letter from vendor

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