Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund

Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund

Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund – GIIF

GIIF is a permanent investment vehicle established by statute to lead, promote, facilitate, fund and backstop the development of, and investment in, infrastructure. Development of industrial infrastructure in the context of accelerated economic growth will provide early opportunities that GIIF will now focus on. Despite Ghana’s economy showing an average economic growth rate of 5.0% per year over the past two decades, leading to attainment of lower middle income status of $1,300 per capita in 2010, infrastructure and industry have lagged behind. The creation of GIIF is therefore an impetus to re-invigorate economic opportunities especially through commercial infrastructure that can pay for itself. It is anticipated that investment in power generation, railways, roads, port services, etc., in direct coordination with industrial investment will contribute significantly to growth and expansion in the economy in a win-win for investors and the country. GIIF will drive optimum synergy by targeting investments linking multiple sectors and industries.

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Our Objectives

The object of the Fund is to mobilize, manage, coordinate and provide financial resources for investment in a diversified portfolio of infrastructure projects in Ghana. For the purpose of achieving the object of the Fund, the Fund shall engage in activities approved by the Board.

These shall include activities necessary to:

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  • Grow the Fund for the purpose of financing the development of infrastructure within Ghana.
  • Manage and invest the initial and future contributions made to the Fund.
  • Reinvest profits and proceeds from investment of moneys of the Fund.
  • Promote the development of skills in infrastructure development, including project design, project management, financing and investment, consistent with the object of the fund.
  • Leverage the capital of the Fund by attracting investments through the domestic and international capital and financial markets.
  • Pursue the best possible financial returns on investments having regard to:
    • Internationally recognized best practices for asset allocation and risk management.
    • Protecting, in the long term, the economic value of the capital and assets of the Fund.
    • The cost of capital of the Fund and other incidental costs related to the Fund.
    • Opportunities and challenges in the domestic infrastructure market.
  • Facilitate the provision of debt and equity financing for infrastructure in Ghana.
  • Ensure the provision of risk mitigation instruments related to investment and projects involving the Fund.
  • Achieve the object of the Fund.

GIIF can be reached at:



Phone: +233 (0) 554 429 365

Fax: +233 302 631 1422 / + 233 30 263 1141