Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Short Courses at Centre for Health Systems and Policy Research (CHESPOR)

Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Short Courses at Centre for Health Systems and Policy Research (CHESPOR)

The Centre for Health Systems and Policy Research (CHESPOR) is a research, training and networking hub in health policy and systems research and analysis (HPSR+A) in West Africa. We provide high level research and training to contribute towards understanding, development and strengthening of the health system in Ghana and the West Africa region.

CHESPOR provide four main services: research and development; teaching and training; advisory and consultancy; and policy engagement, advocacy and communication.

The Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) in conjunction with
the Centre for Health Systems and Policy Research (CHESPOR) invite prospective
participants to apply for three health programs which will run from 4th – 22nd September, 2017.

 1. Health Systems Strengthening

Course Description: This health systems strengthening course will introduce the framework
for thinking about the health systems as an integrated yet complex phenomenon. It
specifically considers whole systems improvement and approach to implementation and
practice in primary healthcare and universal health coverage. It highlights key concepts,
frameworks such as the WHO building blocks, tangible and intangible aspects of the health
system, implementation and policy and the relevance of context in systems thinking, analysis
and approach.
Course Objectives: By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Identify the characteristics of complex health systems
  • Show an understanding of the dynamics and complex nature of health systems by reflecting on and describing their value base and functions.
  • Apply these understanding to an assessment of one’s own health system and compare it with other systems.
  • Apply the knownledge learnt to develop ideas about action to strengthen health system in your organization and contest to support system change.

Course Dates: 4th – 8th September, 2017

 Course Duration: 1 Week

    2. Health Management

Course Description: The health management course will empower participants with the
knowledge and skills to effectively manage health services highlighting the complexity and
adaptable nature of the health systems. The relevant knowledge and skills will be tailored to
the needs of existing and future managers, executives and clinicians in the health care sector.
Course Objectives: By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Understand approaches to implement strategic plans in health
  • Understand the concept of leadership and management in health
  • Evaluate organizational performance in relation to organizational plans
  • Develop skills for analyzing everyday management and service delivery problems, and plan improvements to address these problems
  • Appreciate system requirement for managing information, finances and other resources to achieve better health
  • Reflect on your own management practices and how to improve them

Course Dates: 11th – 15th September, 2017

Course Duration: 1 Week

3.Health Policy Analysis and Planning

Course Description: The Health Policy and Planning (HPP) course aims to create the platform
for participants to learn about the processes that underlie the development and
implementation of all policies; and an approach to policy analysis that can be applied to any
policy context. It introduces participants to the varied and complex nature of ‘policy’ and how
policy analysis can help to explain policy successes and failures as well as inform future policy.
Course Objectives: By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the varied and iterative nature of policy change processes.
  • Recognise that implementation is part of the overall policy change process.
  • Identify key components and factors facilitating and constraining policy and implementation processes.
  • Conduct comprehensive analyses of policy and implementation processes.
  • Apply theoretical frameworks and approaches in understanding policy and implementation processes and use specific policy analysis tools.
  •  Use policy analysis for strategic planning.
  •  Work in teams to achieve specific goals and develop policies

Learning Outcomes by the end of the training include:

  • Provide an outline of key issues in policy analysis.
  • Introduce and use theoretical frameworks and approaches.
  • Encourage application of theoretical frameworks to routine work experiences.
  • Introduce some key health policy debates.

Course Dates: 18th – 22nd September, 2017

Course Duration: 1 Week

Course Structure: All our courses comprise of lectures, discussions, case studies, group work,
debates. The course will encourage shared experiences from different actors and the use of
real life case studies to draw on participants’ experiences. The HPP course is designed around
activities woven together with theoretical inputs (interactive presentations), and three Group
Work Sessions in which participants apply what they have learned. Through the session,
participants paint the ‘big picture’ as key concepts relating to policy and policy analysis are
outlined. Subsequent sessions focus on specific parts of this picture as participants examine
key elements and interactions in more detailed module, practice, problems and prospects of
policy analysis.

Target Audience:

  • Middle and Senior Level Health Managers, Health Service Providers, Private Health Providers and other Health Sector Workers, Social Workers, etc.
  • Healthcare Administrators, Health Entrepreneurs, Health Facility Owners, etc.
  • Employees of the Ministries or Departments of Health,
  • Health Development Workers, NGOs, INGO, CSOs, Funding Organizations and Development Partners.
  • Participants from the West African sub-region to enable shared experiences on health systems strengthening (HSS) in Africa.

Certification: Certificate of Attendance is awarded to participants upon successful completion
of the course(s)
Continuous Professional Development (CPD Points): All our courses are accredited by the Medical and Dental Council (MDC) and the Nursing & Midwifery Council to enable participant accrue CPD points upon successful completion.

Application and Nominations Process:

  •  All nomination from organizations or funders should be submitted to the CHESPOR Office in GIMPA, Achimota Campus, Accra or scanned/pdf copies of nominations sent to
  •  Application forms can be accessed on the GIMPA websites on
  •  Printed copies of the application forms can be picked up at the Customer Information Desk, GIMPA Greenhill Campus, Achimota- Accra for FREE

For all enquiries please contact the following:

Gina on or By Whatsapp only on (+233) 0240948104 / (+233) 0247762432 Emmanuel on or (+233) 0247762432/ 0201595323  GIMPA Tel: 0302401482 / 0302401681/ 0302421602 / 0263501114

  • These forms should be duly endorsed by the authorized representation of the nominating or funding institution and then scanned and email to any of the emails for enquiries.
  • Alternatively, you can personally submit your application to the CHESPOR office in GIMPA Greenhill campus, Achimota-Accra.
  • You can also courier your application to the following address:

The Director, Centre for Health Systems & Policy Analysis (CHESPOR) Rm5, Old Governance and Leadership Building Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration Greenhill College, Achimota – Accra Post Office Box AH 50, Achimota- Accra, Ghana

  • Application Deadline: 4th August, 2017 Cost: GHȼ2,750.00 (per course)
  • Application forms can be accessed on the GIMPA website or (Download CHESPOR Application Forms_2017)

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