Ghana Institute of Languages


Building bridges across language and cultural barriers for African unity and universal solidarity.

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The vision of the Ghana institute of languages is to become a pre-eminent international centre of learning to produce first class professionals in modern languages who will foster African unity, promote socio-economic and political integration in Africa and facilitate global communication.


The main objectives and functions of the Ghana institute of languages are as follows:

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• To teach modern languages such as Arabic, English, French, German, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish.

• To train bilingual secretaries (English and French) to provide the necessary manpower resources in modern business communication and modern office management.

• To train professional translators.

• To furnish advice to government and public authorities in Ghana at their request in respect of matters relating to the teaching of the said languages.

• To provide translation services to potential clients.

• To do all other things that are incidental to or connected with the discharge of any or all of the said functions.

• To provide efficient language services such as translation, interpretation, bilingual secretarial services and tour guiding.

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