Ghana International School Admission Requirements

Ghana International School Admission Requirements

Thanks to our strong track record in delivering the English National and Cambridge curricular to our diverse student community, demand for a place at Ghana International School is highly competitive.

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Parents may fill out an online enquiry form.  This is then responded to by the Head of Admissions.  If parents are in the country, they will be invited to the Office of Admissions for an informal interview.  Prospective parents who are abroad will be given a Skype interview. After the interview, an application form will be issued by the Head of Admissions if appropriate.

It is important to note that the Office of Admissions will only communicate with a parent or legal guardian.  If a child is in the care of an adult who is not the parent, the Office of Admissions requires a letter of authorization from the parent or parents stating that the adult is able to act on their behalf in the affairs of the child.

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It is advised to apply as early as possible as demand for places is high.


The preconditions for admission are that:

  • The applicant is of appropriate age.
  • The applicant’s needs can, in the opinion of the Principal, be managed within the School’s provision.
  • The present School (if applicable) reports satisfactory attitudes and conduct on the part of the child and parent(s).
  • Fees (if applicable) at the present school have been paid up in full.
  • The family have maintained a satisfactory payment history for siblings already admitted to G.I.S.
  • Prospective parents meet with the Head of Admissions or are interviewed via Skype
  • Parents/Guardians  undertake a tour of the School (actual or virtual).
  • Parents/Guardians  have agreed to sign  up to the School’s Parent Contract, including a Home/School contract outlining mutual support, responsibilities and support for the School and its policies and decisions
The Process

Stage 1 : Completing the Application

  • Soft or hard copies     of the completed application form are submitted to the Office of     Admissions.
  • The registration fee can be paid online (see preferred options in     Guide) or paid at a     bank, into the GIS Account (see     details in Guide).  The finance department will also accept     cash payment in cedi equivalent for the registration fee only.  No other payment is required at     this point. The fee is $100 (USD) for all applications (Nursery to Sixth     Form)

NB: The School is unable to proceed with an application without all of step 1 being in place.

All applications are to be submitted to the Office of Admissions located in the administration block in the Secondary School or online to

As soon as the completed application is received, the file will undergo a detailed review by the Office of Admissions.  If appropriate, the review will also involve Academic Management, Counsellor and the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo).  All applications go to the Principal for final approval.  Applications will be acknowledged within the working week. Parents will be notified by e-mail, so should ensure that all contact information on the application is correct.

If an application has been unsuccessful, parents will be notified by email and are required to indicate their intent to remain on the waiting list for the next academic year.

Please find below the steps in the admissions process

Stage 2: Entrance Assessments

  • English is the language of     instruction therefore entrance exams are conducted in English
  • Entry assessments for Nursery, Reception and Year One take place in April.
  • Year Two to Year Six entry assessments take place in June.
  • Secondary School entrance examinations take place in May
  • -Forms One to Three are tested in Maths and English
  • -Form Four students are tested in Maths, English and Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) and, if a     student wants to study a language (e.g. French or Spanish), he or she will     be tested in that subject.
  • Late entrants (expatriates and returnee Ghanaians ) will be tested in August or as  required.
  • Non-resident applicants may, at the discretion of     the Head of Admissions, be tested in their country of residence.
  • Results and recommendations will be submitted to the Office of Admissions for evaluation in consultation with the sectional VPs and Principal.
  • From 2017, prospective locally domiciled students are required to spend a day in the     year group to which they have applied.  This is to enable teachers to observe pupils in the school setting and fully assess whether G.I.S. can meet their needs.

Acceptance/ Denial of Placement

The decision to make an offer of admissions is always approved by the Principal

  • After assessment, Parents/Guardians will receive notification by e-mail on whether their child will be offered     a place or not.

Stages 3 and 4: Payment of Fees and submission of documentation

  • Once the child has received acceptance into the school, the appropriate admission and tuition fee payment must be paid by     30th June in the year of entry for students     enrolling in September.  Late or midyear entrants will be given individual  timeframes.  When payment is made at any one of our designated banks (please see fee schedule), the deposit slip must be submitted to the Accounts Office as proof of payment.
  • When the deposit slip from the bank is presented, an official receipt will be issued from the school.
  • Parents are informed of all mandatory documentation including medical reports and previous school reports and given a deadline for submission
  • A ‘Welcome to GIS’ pack is given by the Office of Admissions

*Please note that all monetary transactions must be done through the Cashier, located on the ground floor of the Administration Block.

Orientation and School related information

The Office of Admissions provides orientation events for all new families which are repeated over the academic year.

An Information Pack is provided on uniforms and the daily requirements and procedures in the appropriate section(s) of the School.

Parents are supported through the ‘Parent Buddy’ scheme

Leave of Absence and Deferred Applications.

In instances when a family will leave the School for a period and wish to hold a place, the full tuition fees need to be paid for the period of absence.  Failure to do so will mean that a place will be lost and a child’s name placed on the waiting list with no guarantee of readmission. Placements may be held for a maximum of one academic year.

If a family wish to defer an application, the Office of Admissions needs to be informed in writing.  Deferment may affect the success or rejection of an application due to the availability of spaces in the various year groups and sections.

Download the GIS age and class guide to know what age a child must be to qualify for each class year

For further information, please contact the Admissions Office on 03027777163. Alternatively email:

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