Ghana Judicial Service

Ghana Judicial Service

The Judicial Service of Ghana comprises the Superior Courts of Judicature, established under the 1992 Constitution, and the Inferior Courts, established by Parliament. The hierarchy of courts derives largely from British juridical forms. The courts have jurisdiction over all civil and criminal matters.

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The Superior Courts are, from highest to lowest, the Supreme Court of Ghana, the Court of Appeal, the High Court of Justice, and the ten Regional Tribunals,with one for each region. The Inferior Courts, since the Courts Act 2002, include the Circuit Courts, the Magistrate Courts, and special courts such as the Juvenile Courts.

Ghana’s traditional courts deal only with matters related to Chieftaincy. These are the Judicial Committees of the National House of Chiefs, the Regional Houses of Chiefs, and the traditional councils, as regulated by the Chieftaincy Act of 1971 (Act 370). The traditional courts enjoy a final appeal to the Supreme Court.

Judicial Service Ghana Contacts

Address: P.O. Box GP 119, Accra
Tel: (+233) 0302-663951, 663954, 666671
Tel: (+233) 0302-748100, 748101, 748102