Ghana National Fire Service GNFS Academy

Ghana National Fire Service GNFS Academy

Ghana National Fire Service GNFS Academy

TRAINING DIRECTORATEStructureThe Training Directorate is composed of Training Division, Fire Service Training Schools and collage. The Training Division has the section for sports and curriculum development. Sports section has OIC for recreational and competitive sports. The Fire Service Training  Schools has Recruit and career training schools.Functions:The Training Directorate is to develop and provide guidance in the determination of the required training needs for all categories of Service personnel by performing the following function:

  1. Implement matters relating to training, development and retention of personnel and the required skills needed in the Service.
  2. Advise on policies relating to training in general for Service personnel.
  3. Ensure the efficient operation of the schools and collage in the Service.
  4. Submission of Quarterly and Annual Reports and yearly plan of Action Document to Management.
  5. Work in close collaboration with appropriate Directorates to strategize and implement training policy of the Service

Strategic Policy DirectionContinual training and development of a competent, safe and diverse workforce through:

  1. Developing and implementing comprehensive training and developing policy framework that supports the Service to develop strategic, tactical and operational response to meet the full range of roles and incident types.
  2. Skills development-with partners/stakeholders, developing personnel skills and knowledge in an innovative, high performance, multi-agency context.
  3. Flexible programmes of training(for example E-learning) and development opportunities to support community safety agenda by addressing the development needs of all groups of staff as new demands emerge from fire and rescue activities.
  4. Lifelong learning strategy for all personnel in the Service.
  5. Maximizing staff potential in achievement of the objectives of the  Service.
  6. Addressing future skills and knowledge needed in the achievement of the objectives of the Service.

Action Plans

  • Develop and implement guidelines on curriculum development for all courses and lessons, both senior and junior officers
  • Develop and implement training programmers, modify existing programmers and curriculums, and creation of course objectives including instructional design and technical writing skills.
  • Develop and implement instructors manual with the purpose of providing them and personal with basic information necessary to meet acceptable standard in the fire Service.
  • Develop and implement  firefighting manual with the intent of providing fire fighters with the information needed to meet fire related performance objective ,minimal first aid requirement and requirement for Fire Responders at operational level

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