Ghana Navy Band

Ghana Navy Band


The Ghana Navy fulfills a broad range of roles. These include:

  • The monitoring, control and surveillance of fishing activities
  • Maritime Presence in the West African Waters and Naval Support in the Region and Crises Areas when requested
  • Surveillance, Effective Patrol and Control of Ghana’s Territorial Waters and Economic Zone
  • Evacuation operations of Ghanaian and other nationals from troubled spots
  • Fighting and checking criminal activities such as piracy/armed robbery at sea, smuggling of illicit drugs, stowaways and dissident activities
  • Disaster and humanitarian relief operations, search and rescue, and other mercy missions at sea
  • Assisting civil authorities such as the Ghana Police, the Volta River Authority, the Electoral Commission, Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority

The Ghana Navy (GN) is the naval warfare organizational military branch of the Ghanaian Armed Forces (GAF). The Ghanaian navy, along with the Ghanaian army (GA) and Ghanaian air force (GHF), make up the Ghanaian Armed Forces (GAF) which are controlled by the Ghanaian Ministry of Defence (MoD).

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