Ghana Navy Uniform

Ghana Navy Uniform

The nucleus of the Ghana Navy is the Gold Coast Naval Volunteer Force formed during World War II. It was established by the colonial British administration to conduct seaward patrols to ensure that the coastal waters of the colony were free from mines. Following Ghana’s attainment of independent nationhood on 6 March 1957 from the UK, the country’s military was reorganized and expanded to meet its new challenges. A new volunteer force was raised in June, 1959 with headquarters at Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana. The men were drawn from the existing Gold Coast Regiment of Infantry. They were under the command of British Royal Navy officers on secondment. On 29 July 1959, the Ghana Navy was established by an Act of Parliament. The force had two divisions based at Takoradi and Accra respectively. On 1 May 1962, the British Navy formed the Royal Navy Element of the British Joint Services Training Team, thus changing the nature of its relationship with the Ghana Navy. The first Chief of the Naval Staff was Captain D. A. Foreman, a retired British Naval Officer. He was granted a Presidential Commission as a Ghana naval officer in the rank of Commodore. In September 1961 Nkrumah terminated the employment of British officers in the armed forces: the first Ghanaian to become Chief of the Naval Staff was Rear Admiral David Anumle Hansen, who was transferred from the Ghana army to head the navy.

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Ghana Navy Organizational Structure

The Ghana Navy command structure consists of the Naval Headquarters at Burma Camp, Accra. There are three operational commands, the Western Naval Command at Sekondi, the Eastern Naval Command at Tema and The Naval Training Command at Agota.

Western Naval Command

The command comprises the following elements:
  • HQ Western Naval Command
  • Ghana Navy Fleet
  • The Naval Dockyard Complex
  • Ghana Navy Stores Depot
  • Naval Base, Sekondi – West Command
  • The Naval Trade Training School

Eastern Naval Command

The command comprises the following elements:
  • HQ Eastern Naval Command
  • Basic and Leadership Training School
  • Naval Base,Tema
  • Ghana Navy Band


The navy is organized into the following departments.

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  • Operations
  • Administration
  • Training
  • Logistics (Supply)
  • Technical
  • Intelligence and
  • Research and Development

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