Ghana Police Service Divisions

Ghana Police Service Divisions

Regional divisions

Apart from the National Police Headquarters, all the regional divisions have subdivisions under them. The aim of this is to decentralize the activities of the regional police force for more effective and flexible

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Special units

There are, furthermore, specialized police units in all the regional divisions. The Regional Commander has oversight over these units. These units include:

  • Motor Transport and Traffic Unit (MTTU)
  • Highway Patrol Unit (HPU)
  • Public Affairs Directorate (PAD)
  • Courts and Prosecution
  • Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU)
  • Rapid Deployment Force (RDF)
  • National Protection Unit (NPU)
  • Arms and Ammunition
  • Finance Offices
  • Audit Offices
  • Crime Offices
  • Research, Planning & ICT Offices
  • Serious Fraud Unit (SFU)
  • Ghana Crime Unit
  • Formed police unit (FPU)
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