Ghana Police Service GPS Motor Traffic and Transport Department

Ghana Police Service GPS Motor Traffic and Transport Department


The Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate (MTTD) is an agency under the Ghana Police Service. MTTD is responsible for road safety in Ghana. The MTTD was established in 1952 MTTD was known as the Ghana Police Traffic Unit. In 1981, the Justice Archer commission, reviewed the MTTD’s function and accredited it as the National MTTD.

The MTTD’s head reports to the Inspector General of Police (IGP). The current head of the MTTD is Deputy Commissioner of Police Mr. Maxwel Atingane.

The MTTD educates road users on accident-free road practices by training motorists and pedestrians.

The member of the MTTD are trained to spot, warn and arrest offending motorists, record all accidents and publishes the statistics on a quarterly basis in print and electronic media.

Personnel of the MTTD control traffic and enforce traffic regulations. The department is in-charge of escort for the President of Ghana, state and foreign dignitaries. In the investigation of road accidents, the MTTD initiates the investigation and later hands it over to the DVLA.

The Motor Traffic and Transport Directorate is one of the most important sectors of the Ghana police service. It serves the alienable purpose in road safety in the country.

Structure of the Directorate

The MTTD is organised in 11 units. One in each of the eleven Police regions of Ghana. Three are also divisional and district MTTU and accidents squads. It is headed by a director general who is also a Police Management Board Member (POMAB) stations at the police headquarters.

The regional, divisions’ districts and accidents squads are administratively under the command of the Regional Divisional and Districts Commanders.

The personnel of the department are almost always the first police man to be seen in in any part of the country. His action or inaction commissions or omission could create either appositive or negative image of the service for the entire service in Ghana. Everything possible is therefore needed to give him the necessary motivation to live up to expectation.

The Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD), was established in March 2013 following the enactment of the Police Service Regulation 2012 (C.I 76).

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