Ghana Police Service GPS Operation Directorate

Ghana Police Service GPS Operation Directorate


Headquarters Operations Directorate used to comprise thirteen (13) different units as at the end of the year 2012. However in 2013, following the call by Police Administration to rationalize personnel and avoid duplication of functions, some units were moved from the Directorate and placed under other departments whilst others which were found to be performing similar functions were put together.

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As a result the Operations Directorate is now  reduced to eight units, namely

  • Highway Patrol Unit [HPU]
  • Rapid Deployment force [RDF]
  • Mounted Squadron
  • Parliamentary Protection Unit [PPU]
  • Very Important Persons Protection Unit [VIPPU]
  • Formed Police Unit [FPU] formerly ACS
  • Special Weapon And Tactics [SWAT] has absorbed the former Panthers unit.
  • National Protection Unit [NPU] which is a merger of Guard duties Unit and Mobile Force.

Functions and Initiatives

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  • Maintenance of public order in both peaceful and violent situations.
  • Provide presidential Escort at state functions.
  • Controlling riots and Demonstrations.
  • Perform Guard duties at vital state installations and important government structures.
  • Patrolling the metropolis and dealing with high risk related crimes
  • Restoring law and order in conflict zones within the country.
  • Providing close protection and residential security for ministers, state officials and some members of the diplomatic corps.
  • Ensuring security along the Highways
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