Ghana Police Service GPS Projects

Ghana Police Service GPS Projects


The projects unit of the Ghana Police Service is responsible for the administration of Police projects nation-wide. The unit is headed by Director-Projects who is Deputy Commissioner of Police.

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The Director/Projects is assisted by five SPO’s (3 Chief Supt, 1DSP and 1 ASP). The unit is staffed with Architects, Quantity Surveyors, a Structural Engineer, Architectural Draughts men and non-technical  Personnel who perform administrative work.


The Unit continues with it’s day to day functions as indicated below

  • Designing of new and remodeling of existing police building/structures
  • Preparations of working drawings and constructional details
  • Advise on cost of all project to be undertaken by the service
  • Preparation of payments certificates for all projects
  • Carry out periodic inspection on existing buildings and preparing estimates for maintenance works.
  • Liaison out between Police Administration and various Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies involved in the administration and developmental construction projects.
  • Planning and preparation of budget for development project
  • To perform any other duties directed by the Inspection-General of Police
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