Ghana Police Service GPS  Welfare Directorate

Ghana Police Service GPS  Welfare Directorate


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The governing body of the Police is the Police Council which is made up of the following:

  • A chairman who shall be appointed by the president acting in consultation with the Council of State.
  • The Minister responsible for the Interior.
  • The Inspector-General of Police.
  • The Attorney-General or his representative
  • A lawyer nominated by the Ghana Bar association.
  • A representative of the Retired Senior Police Officers Association.
  • Two members of the Police Service, appointed by the President, acting in consultation with Council of State, one of whom shall be of a junior rank.
  • Two other members appointed by the President.


The Police Council advises the President on matters relating to internal security. The 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana also makes provision for the establishment of Regional Police Committees in all the ten Administrative regions of Ghana. The Regional Police Committees are to advise the Police Council on any matter relating to the administration of the Police Service in the region.

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