Ghana Post EMS

Ghana Post EMS

Express Mail Service (EMS)

All Courier services are provided  through Express Mail Service (EMS); which is a postal express service for documents and merchandise within Ghana; and from Ghana to other countries.

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This is a service which involves the provision of dedicated motor bike(s) and dispatch rider(s) in return for the payment of a flat, monthly pre-agreed (negotiated) contract amount per month to be paid by our customers.


This is a pre-paid service at EMS Counters where document and merchandise items are accepted for delivery to their respective recipients. The items so accepted may be local (within Ghana) or foreign (between Ghana and other countries).

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Ghana Post provides agency services to other businesses which fall on its expertise and network to perform certain tasks to be rewarded with a commission.


This is a highly customized pre-paid envelopes business that is designed to suit the needs of admissions and recruitment/enlistment processes of tertiary educational institutions and the security service institutions respectively.

It also includes the sales of scratch cards or online processes for the foregoing projects.

The sale of specially-customized EMS Priority envelopes as part of the admissions process of tertiary institutions is also part of the EMS Priority Service.


This is a post-paid service by EMS Corporate (contract) customers who send either local or foreign documents or merchandise to their respective recipients.


This is the same day delivery service of time-sensitive documents and items within the same day in certain cities such as Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi


This is a Saturday EMS Service by which parents and guardians of students in specific second cycle institutions in Accra, Cape Coast and Takoradi are able to send food , provision and other items to their children and wards while in school.


This is a bailiff service by which court processes (documents) are picked from court registries for onward delivery to litigants or their Lawyers.

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