Ghana Prisons Service Training

Ghana Prisons Service Training

Training is a vital part of every officer’s professional development in the Prisons Service. This section tells you all about the different types and levels of training within the service, from the moment you join and carry out the initial training,

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Commissioned Officers Training

More than 80 percent of officer cadets are university graduates, but some arrive with A-levels or equivalents. Others are serving officers who have been selected for officer training. The Commissioning Course for officers is 36 weeks long, including recess periods. Training at POTS covers para-military, practical and academic subjects, and while it is mentally and physically demanding, there’s also plenty of time set aside for sport and adventurous training. It’s a proud day for officer cadets graduating when they finally march up the steps of “Drill Square” to be commissioned as officers at the end of the prestigious Sovereign’s Parade.

Overall, the core objectives of the Commissioning Course are:

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  • To develop commanders of courage and willpower, with the temperament for decisive action in difficult and dangerous circumstances.
  • To foster attitudes to integrity, selflessness and loyalty which set the oficer apart from others.
  • To teach Officer Cadets how to think and communicate as commanders and to foster a deep interest and care for the individual.
  • To achieve a grounding in Prisons Service Core Values and its significance in all forms of circumstances.
  • To encourage the analysis of strategic studies as a foundation to correctional management.
  • To train Officer Cadets in the basic skills and self discipline.

Recruit Courses

This course is offered to young men and women who qualify to be enlisted into the Subordinate Officer ranks of the Service. It aims at introducing trainees to the basic rudiments of prison work. The duration of the course is nine (9) months including a period of three (3) months practical attachment at various Prisons establishments. Subjects taught include Prison Duties, Fundamental Penal Law, Interpersonal Skills, English Language, Computation, Drill and Martial Arts

Special Courses

Special Courses are run for both Superior and Subordinate Officers to update their knowledge in specialized areas of their work. Two of such courses that have featured regularly in recent times are Intelligence Management and Management of Serious Incidents within Prison establishments. Refresher courses are also organized for serving officers to prepare them for promotion.

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