Ghanaian Foods made with maize

  • Akple as it is called among the Ewe is also called Banku or Etsew (without the corn husk does maintain whitish color) among the Fanti. Sometimes only cornflour is used.
  • Mmore is cooked fermented corn dough without cassava prepared like Banku-among the Akan people.
  • Kenkey/[Komi]/Dokonu – fermented corn dough, wrapped in corn originating from the Ga who call it komi or Ga kenkey. Another variety originating from the Fanti people is Fante Dokono or
  • Fanti Kenkey which is wrapped with plantain leaves that give it a different texture, flavour and colour as compared to the Ga kenkey. Both are boiled for long periods into a consistent solid balls.
  • Tuo Zaafi – a millet, sorghum or maize dish originating from Northern Ghana
  • Fonfom – a maize dish popular in south-western Ghana.

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