Ghanaian Foods made with rice

Ghanaian Foods made with rice

  • Waakye – rice and beans coloured coconut flavoured rice with an indigenous leaf to make it purple-brown. This side dish bears striking similarities to West Indian rice and peas. The rice is cooked and steamed with an indigenous leaf, coconut and a pulse such as black-eyed or kidney beans
  • 3mo Tuo/Rice ball – sticky mashed rice is normally eaten with Ghanaian soup.
  • Plain rice – boiled rice accompanies many of the variety of red stews
  • Jollof rice – rice cooked in a stew consisting of stock, tomatoes, spices, and meat boiled together. This dish originated from the Djolof traders from Senegal who settled in the Zongos before the colonial period. Adapted for local Ghanaian tastes, it is typically eaten with goat, lamb, chicken or beef that has been stewed, roasted or grilled.
  • Fried rice – Chinese-style fried rice adapted to Ghanaian tastes.
  • Angwa moo — Call it “oiled rice”, and every Ghanaian will commend your effort to find an English name for it. This is unlike fried rice which you cook the rice before frying. Oiled rice is cooked by first onion-frying the oil, then adding water after the onions have browned. This will give the rice a different fragrance. The rice is then cooked in the water-oil mixture, to give the rice an oily feel when ready. It may be cooked with vegetables or minced meat, to add to your taste. It is mostly served with earthenware-grinded pepper, with either tinned sardines or fried eggs complementing it.
  • Ngwo moo (Palm rice) — It’s an alternative to the oiled rice. Only this is cooked with palm oil, instead of cooking oil. The taste is determined by the type of palm oil used.

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