GPS Act: Section – 17 – Misconduct And Unsatisfactory Service

GPS Act: Section – 17 – Misconduct And Unsatisfactory Service


Section – 17 – Misconduct and Unsatisfactory Service.

It shall be misconduct for a police officer-

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(a) to be absent from duty without leave or reasonable excuse;

(b) to be insubordinate;

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(c) to use, without lawful authority, any property or facilities provided for the purposes of the Police Service for some purpose not connected with his official duties;

(d) to engage in any activity outside his official duties which is likely to involve him in political controversy or to lead to his taking improper advantage of his position in the Police Service;

(e) to engage in any gainful occupation outside the Police Service without the consent of the Inspector-General of Police;

(f) to become or be a member of a trade union or of any other association (other than an association authorised by the Minister) having similar objects;

(g) to sleep on duty;

(h) to take any alcoholic drink while on duty;

(i) to permit a prisoner to escape through negligence or wilfulness;

(j) to divulge any confidential information to a person not authorised to receive it;

(k) to do any other act without reasonable excuse which amounts to a failure to perform in a proper manner any duty imposed on him as such, or which contravenes any enactment relating to the Police Service, or which is otherwise prejudicial to the efficient conduct of the Police Service or tends to bring the Police Service into disrepute.

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