GPS Act: Section – 20 – Courts Prohibited From Entertaining Actions

GPS Act: Section – 20 – Courts Prohibited From Entertaining Actions


Section – 20 – Disciplinary Proceedings.

(1) Disciplinary proceedings shall be either summary or formal.

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(2) No major penalty shall be imposed on an officer in summary proceedings not arising out of a conviction.

(3) The Commissioner after consultation with the Inspector-General of Police may by legislative instrument make regulations providing for the conduct of disciplinary proceedings in cases of misconduct or unsatisfactory service, and providing for appeals-

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(a) to the Police Council, in the case of police officers of the rank of Inspector and above;

(b) to the Inspector-General of Police, in the case of police officers below the rank of Inspector.

(4) The defendant in any appeal proceedings before the Police Council shall be entitled to be represented by counsel, and where he is so represented, the Police Force shall also be entitled to be represented by counsel.

(5) Subject to the provisions of this Act and except as may be otherwise provided by regulations made under this section, the Police Council on deciding an appeal under this section may make such order thereon as it thinks fit.

(6) The Inspector-General of Police shall not be entitled to sit as a member of the Police Council for the purpose of determining an appeal made to the Police Council.

(7) Where the defendant in any disciplinary or appeal proceedings referred to in this section has exhausted all available processes provided by this Act or regulations made thereunder, and is aggrieved in respect of any matter relating thereto, he may petition the Chairman of the National Redemption Council whose decision shall be final.[As substituted by The Police Service (Amendment) Decree 1974 (NRCD 303) s.5].

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