GPS Act: Section – 23 – Complaints By The Public

GPS Act: Section – 23 – Complaints By The Public


Section – 23 – Complaints by the Public.

(1) Any member of the public shall be entitled, without prejudice to any other means of redress legally available to him, to make a complaint in writing, signed by him, as to-

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(a) any instance of bribery, corruption, oppression or intimidation by a police officer;

(b) any neglect or non-performance of his duties by a police officer;

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(c) any other misconduct by a police officer.

(2) A complaint of bribery, corruption, oppression or intimidation shall be addressed to the superior police officer in charge of the district or unit to which the police officer concerning whom the complaint is made belongs or to the Inspector-General of Police.

(3) A complaint of neglect or non-performance of duty or other misconduct shall be addressed to any superior police officer.

(4) The Inspector-General of Police or superior police officer, as the case may be, on receiving a written complaint under this section, shall cause a full and impartial investigation to be made, and shall-

(a) send a report of his conclusions to the complainant;

(b) take such action on the report as the circumstances may require.

(5) Any person who knowingly makes any false or malicious complaint under this section shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding one hundred new cedis.

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