GPS Act: Section – 37 – Regulations


Section – 37 – Regulations.

(1) The President, after consulting the Police Council and the Cabinet, may by legislative instrument make regulations-

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(a) designating posts created under any other enactment as Police Service posts;

(b) dividing the Police Service into branches and divisions, and specifying the composition, organisation and functions of any such branch or division and the functions of any member thereof;

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(c) creating posts and ranks in the Police Service and specifying the number of persons constituting each rank or grade of post;

(d) providing, in relation to each post or rank created by or under this Act, the conditions of service attached to it;

(e) providing for the enlistment in the Police Service of persons as supernumerary or special police officers for specified purposes or occasions;

(f) for the determination of the salary or salary scale payable to a police officer;

(g) regulating the award of increments of salary, and the payment of allowances and other additional remuneration;

(h) regulating hours of work and the granting of leave with or without pay or allowances;

(i) for making available to police officers (with or without charge) housing accommodation, medical treatment or other facilities;

(j) regulating the presentation of petitions by police officers;

(k) for other matters relating to the conditions of service of police officers;

(l) providing for the retirement ages, pensions, gratuities and other allowances, conditions for resignation, and the procedure to be followed in determining whether a police officer should be removed or should retire for medical reasons;[As substituted by The Police Service (Pensions) Law 1985 (PNDCL 126) s. 3(1)]

(m) providing for the transfer of a police officer, with his consent, to employment in another Public Service or to other approved employment;

(n) providing for the making of payments from the Police Welfare Fund;

(o) providing for the organisation of the Volunteer Police Reserve, the fixing of the numbers and ranks of its members, the enrolment in, discipline, and loss of membership of the Reserve;

(p) providing for any other matter which under this Act is to be prescribed or which otherwise relates to the administration and functions of the Police Service or the Volunteer Police Reserve.

(2) Subject to regulations made under this Act and to any directions given to him by the Minister, the Inspector-General of Police may issue Police Service Instructions providing for any matter referred to in paragraphs (f) to (k) of subsection (1), and any matter otherwise relating to the administration and functions of the Police Service or the Volunteer Police Reserve.

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