GPS Act: Section – 38 – Control Of Private Security Organisations


Section – 38 – Control of Private Security Organisations.

(1) The Minister may by legislative instrument make regulations-

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(a) controlling the establishment and operations of any private security organisation,

(b) requiring the registration of all private security organisations,

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(c) regulating the conditions under which a private security organisation may employ any person,

(d) regulating the use of uniforms by any private security organisation,

(e) prescribing fees and forms for any of the above purposes.

(2) In this section “private security organisation” includes any organisation which undertakes private investigations as to facts or the character of any person, or which performs services of watching, guarding, patrolling or carriage for the purpose of providing protection against crime, but does not include the Police Service, the Prisons Service or the Armed Forces of Ghana.

(3) Any doubt as to whether or not an organisation is a private security organisation for the purposes of this section shall be determined by the Minister.

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