Harvard MBA Scholarship

Harvard MBA Scholarship

Scholarship in Harvard University

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Country  – United States

Deadline – Varies

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This scholarship for MBA program in Harvard University. An MBA degree from Harvard University is the most valuable MBA degree on earth. And if a student can get this scholarship, life will simply be as life in heaven. There are other scholarships of Harvard Business School. However, in this article of scholarshipcare.com, we are focusing on this particular Harvard MBA scholarship. Moreover, most of the Harvard Scholarships varies time to time. It is difficult to specify when a scholarship will be awarded. But Harvard MBA scholarship has been awarded since long ago. That’s why is post of scholarshipcare.com is highlighting Harvard MBA Scholarship.

Scholarship Provider

This scholarship is provided by Harvard University. To be more specific, this scholarship organized and maintained by Harvard Business School.

Amount of Scholarship

Harvard MBA Scholarship is a very prestigious scholarship. It is not only prestigious but also very beneficial. The amount paid as scholarship per year is $45,000. This scholarship covers entire 2 years MBA program. In total, this scholarship pays $90,000.


Although most of the scholarships of Harvard University are need based scholarship. However, Harvard MBA scholarship is solely a merit based scholarship. To be considered as eligible, a candidate must fulfill the following eligibility criteria –

  1. Candidate must have to be enrolled in MBA program of Harvard University,
  2. Applicant must have to have excellent academic background

These are the two eligibility criteria of Harvard MBA scholarship.

Apply Now

The application process Harvard MBA scholarship is very simple. Follow the steps to apply for this scholarship –

  1. Attend GMAT exam and get your GMAT score (the higher the score the better the chance),
  2. Write a CV and add recent photograph with it,
  3. Apply for MBA program in Harvard University,
  4. Once you will have received the acceptance letter send your GMAT score, CV and Acceptance letter at admissions@boustany-foundation.org
  5. In the email subject mention the name ‘Harvard MBA Scholarship’ and the email body will be the cover letter

This is how you can apply for this scholarship. But remember, to apply, you must have to receive the Acceptance Letter from Harvard MBA program.

Here is the official page of the scholarship (link opens in a new page) – Official Page of Harvard MBA Scholarship


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